TGS 08: Namco talks Splatterhouse, shows really short trailer

If I could hit “restart” on my childhood gaming experiences, I would incorporate Namco’s original Splatterhouse. As we’ve mentioned more than once, Splatterhouse is getting a next-generation jumpstart by developer BottleRocket. At a pre-TGS (but basically TGS) briefing, Namco showed off the title to journalists eager for blood.

Namco began their initial coverage of the game by setting the mood with the storyline. Here’s what the guys at GamePro were able to ascertain:

The game follows college student Rick Taylor in a race through the spooky West Mansion as he tries to rescue his girlfriend, Jennifer, from all-manner of creatures. A mask promises the ability to help him find his girlfriend but also transforms him into ‘a juggernaut of pure violence and destruction,’ as Namco Bandai put it.

Namco-Bandai capped the coverage with a ten-second teaser trailer showing an assortment of creepy stages, weapons, and a very scared Jennifer. Fortunately, the game is still on the slate for 2009 and if that screenshot is any indication, still looks appears to have that visceral appeal that we’ve all grown to love.

Brad BradNicholson