TF2 Spy update sneaks up on Sniper update, makes stabby

Oh, that crafty bastard. Team Fortress 2 fans have doubtless been anticipating the update to the game’s Sniper class, but it seems that Valve has pulled a rather fitting twist. Today it has been revealed that the Sniper update has been snuck upon by the Spy, launching a surprise attack and suddenly appearing out of nowhere.

The Spy will be getting “The Dead Ringer Watch” and the “Cloak & Dagger Watch” to add to his arsenal of crafty tricks. The former item will allow you to feign death by creating a realistic corpse the moment you receive damage, allowing you to escape or plan a counter-attack. The latter item lets you regenerate your Cloak Device whenever you’re standing still. 

Don’t worry, we’re sure the Sniper update is still coming, meaning fans get a surprise two-for-one. A most fitting way to update the Spy indeed. 

[Thanks, Scary Womanizing Pig Mask]

Jim Sterling