Tenchu 4 looks really dark

I’m not talking in the metaphorical, “that’s kinda twisted” sort of way. No, this trailer looks visually dark. I realize that it’s a game about ninja striking silently in the inky blackness of deepest night but, man, it’s really hard to see anything here.

I loves me some stealth in my games but, for some reason, Tenchu never really grabbed my attention. I’ve bought several of them and they’ve never felt as polished as some of the other series. I will give them a little credit, though. Killing guards with poisoned rice balls is entertaining on multiple levels.

Since it’s coming to Wii, there will no doubt be a fair bit of waggle involved. While with most games those actions can become really repetitive, it might actually work better in Tenchu. The game is really more about sneaking up on your target and less throwing shruiken or swinging your sword, so the Wii remote could function pretty well for this.

What do you think? Am I trying too hard to justify the game just because I want a hardcore title from a third-party to appear on Wii?

Conrad Zimmerman