Ten Minute Taste: FIFA 10

I’m no sports buff, but I enjoy a good soccer game. In fact, soccer and golf are the only sports games I’ll ever play. Well, these and Baseball Simulator 1000 for the NES. That game was awesome.

FIFA 10 is probably the ultimate soccer game. It’s looking that way so far. As you’ll see in our Ten Minute Taste of EA’s FIFA 10 (Xbox 360 version), there’s a whole lot going on under the hood here. Ten minutes was barely enough time to skim the surface, but you’ll be able to see menus upon menus of options and modes. This is one of those that you’ll have to wait for the review for. It’s coming soon, so look out for it.

Excuse my fumblings in the video. It isn’t as difficult as I make it look. Selectable difficulty levels help out a bit. Soon after I finished this video I was playing like a pro. A losing pro, mind you, but a pro nonetheless.

Dale North