Telltale would love to revisit Loom

Mere mention of the Lucasarts classic adventure game Loom throws me back into memories of childhood quicker than I can take a breath. At age 12, I stared at a single screenshot of the game in a PC magazine with something I can only describe as near-physical hunger. Brandishing the magazine, I shook it in my parents faces. “I have to have a computer, Mom! LOOK AT THESE GRAPHICS!” My sweet parents patted me on the head and sent me back to my room. Suffice to say I did not get to play Loom for many years, since at that time computers were nowhere near essential.

Fast forward to today, where Telltale’s Design Director Dave Grossman spoke to Total PCGaming on a podcast and considered what the next game to remake could be. His comments were as follows:

“The one I always think about these days is Loom actually, and how ahead of its time it was. I think the problem with it at the time was that it was only two and a half hours long and now I find myself deliberately trying to design games that are only two and a half hours long. So I think… well, why not do that?”

Hardly a confirmation, but certainly a bit of positive reinforcement for adventure fans hopeful to see it get remade. I’d be out of my mind with joy to actually see it happen. Maybe if we make our voices heard, it will work in our favor! Tell us in the comments if you’d like to see a Loom remake (and if you have no idea what it is even is, for the love of all that’s holy, go find out).

[Total PC Gaming Via Kotaku]

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