Tekken 6 hits US arcade in Houston

Capcom isn’t the only one with a shiny new arcade mega-hit on the way. Tekken fans have been waiting patiently to get their hands on a US arcade release of Tekken 6, weird-ass characters and all. While the Japanese have been pumping 100 yen coins into Tekken 6 machines for awhile now, US fans have been left out of the loop… until now.

Houston, Texas based arcade Planet Zero has just premiered what may be the very first Tekken 6 machines in the US. They sent word that the game debuted this past Friday. Hundreds lined up in hour-long queues to go head-to-head on Namco Bandai’s superfighter, which reportedly sported HD monitors and data card readers. Check out pictures from the event in the gallery below.

If Anime Zero sounds familiar, they should. They’re the folks behind the upcoming 2008 Showdown Championships arcade fighting tournament to be held at Anime Matsuri later this month, and they will be featuring Tekken 6 in the competition. You know where to practice now.

Dale North