Tecmo announcing game, will be the best something or other ever

Yesterday, Tecmo asked us to save the date — March 24, 2009.

Why? Well, they’re going to be announcing their new game. And according to the publisher, they promise it’s going to be good. Their words: “The greatest “_____” game, ever!” Yes, that’s intentionally left blank. And no, we don’t know what it is. 

The only hint we have is that the unveiling will take place at the PlayStation Store in San Francisco, so our assumption is that it’s a PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Portable game. Because how dick would it be if they announced a Wii game at the PlayStation Store? Actually, that would be totally awesome. Maybe it’s Spray 2!

We’ll be on hand at the invite-only event, and we’ll be sure to tell you what “The greatest “_____” game, ever!” as soon as we’re allowed.

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