Team Ninja wants your achievement suggestions

Whether an achievement fanatic, blistering your fingers in ceaseless toil toward a gamer score displayable only in scientific notation, or simply enjoying playing, thus forsaking a banner with which to declare a singular prowess, we all enjoy that little blip signifying an unlocked achievement.  Well, most of the time anyway.  There are the lame achievements we’ve gotten, the ones score-whores love and those with a more, shall we say, refined palette react to with facepalms and incredulous inquiries of “Did I really just get an achievement for that?!”. 

It seems Team Ninja is aiming achievements for Ninja Gaiden 2 at just those very connoisseurs, asking what you would like as an achievement in the upcoming ninjitsu fueled gorefest.  Until January 24th, Gamerscore Blog is accepting submissions (including name, artwork, gamerscore, and description) in their post announcing the contest.  You’ve got 10 days to whip up an awesome achievement, and with a game featuring as many creative ways to wreak bloody havoc as Ninja Gaiden 2 does, I expect I’ll see a bevy horrifyingly creative achievements and lose a little more of my faith in humanity in the process.

[Via GamingToday]

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