Team Ninja talks two game cancellations, Ninja Gaiden 3

Speaking with Famitsu, Team Ninja head Yosuke Hayashi gave an update on a few of the studio’s missing projects and, of course, Ninja Gaiden 3. He revealed that the DoA prequel, Dead or Alive Code Cronus, has been scrapped, as has Project Progressive, a game I have no memory of whatsoever.

As for brighter (and bloodier) news, Ninja Gaiden 3 is still progressing along nicely. “We’ve already completed an internal prototype,” says Hayashi. “We held a sampling event for the prototype, and it was well received within the company. It will be a bit longer before we share info with everyone.”

“We’d like to make the action game that’s most interesting for the current era. With this meaning,” he continues, “it’s going to be a game that’s not bound by the past more than necessary. Of course, we will be valuing the past, but in a good meaning we’d like to make it into a game that’s not tied down by the past.”

Team Ninja’s Boss Talks Ninja Gaiden 3 and Cancelled Projects [andriasang]

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