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Bravely Default II"Get brave again"


Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection"Duck, throw, dip, dive, and dodge"


Capcom Arcade Stadium"Continue...?"


Persona 5 Strikers"Beat 'em up, Phantom Thieves"


Little Nightmares II"A fitting next step for the horror-adventure series"


Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury"A modern classic reborn"


Destruction AllStars"Worth a week with PlayStation Plus, but not much more"


Gal Gun Returns"Young girl, you're out of your mind"


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Ive been looking at collectible card video games because I want a game with busywork, and I assume its cheaper than collecting cards in real


*Passive aggressively gestures at 505, Nintendo, and Capcom*


The best part of the Sony Direct was learning that with Crash 4 on PS5 I can “really feel the


Its nice to have some release dates for things, but Sony, next time, just wait an extra month or so until you can give us more substantial stuff to go along with the fluffy shit as well

Whispering Willow

Im no I like my materia where it is, thank you very


is my TV meant to be 4K or what

Dan Roemer

Shit post

Jetter Mars

Yknow I think Sony missed a good opportunity to call State Of Play Playstation It wouldve been nice to see the concept


Yikes! The Series X is like a brick when Microsoft live goes It wont even let me watch cartoons on Disney+


With that Yuffie episode in FF7R, is that extended lore? Or are they making things up? I havent played the



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