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The Medium"Fill my eyes with that double vision"


Dead Cells: Fatal Falls"Three new levels that don't feel bloated or unwarranted"


Turrican Flashback"Rage Against The Machine"


Cyber Shadow"Robots? Ninjas? Did this studio just extract my childhood dreams?"


Hitman 3"Welcome to 2021"


Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game - Complete Edition"We are Sex Bob-omb and we're here to watch Scott Pilgrim kick your teeth in"




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Finished up the Touryst there delightful little game got a hood chunk of issues with it but with getting it with game pass it is a no brainer to try it


Coca-Cola Corp: Hey, Coke with Coffee is available Awesome! Where can I buy some? Coke: it?

Anthony Marzano

Its Youre halfway through the Let the fact that the N64 Evangelion game used the Mario 64 soundfont glide you into a pleasant end of the work

Ricky Namara

Capcom: Im going to creep everyone out by making the next RE villain a freakishly tall Internet: STEP ON ME, MOMMY!! Capcom:


Looks like The Medium is kinda in the middle, regarding To be fair, so was The Evil Within, and I loved that game (the first one, not the So we’ll


Finished Xenoblade Chronicles last I was missing out, for Kudos to this game for it is a must have for RPG, and Wii The Last Story is next, and maybe FF12


The latest episode of Attack on Titan: Zekes PTSD was And it only gets


I think I have to go on the side of Griffith did many, many things I need eye bleach and a stiff drink


Damn! I just got a new Pro Controller a few months Very tempted to get this sleek MH one should it release in the Update edit: This will be available in the West as well as a special edition


I need to get through the Yakuza Collection and replay This song is fire!



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