Study: Videogames allow you to commit war crimes

Videogames: The create murderers. They breed rapists. They warp our children. Now they violate international law and allow gamers to commit heinous war crimes. That's the assertion of two human rights organizations, in any case. They conduc...


NPR talks about the Six Days In Fallujah controversy

If you talk to me regularly, you probably know that I'm a big fan of NPR and listen almost every day. You should too, particularly because they've been seriously discussing video games more and more in the past few months. Yesterday's episo...


New Darksiders trailer may be generic, but it gets my vote

Poor Darksiders: Wrath of War just can't catch a break -- the game's no where near being released (it's slated for August 25), and the general around the internet seems to be that it's just too generic to stand out. After all it's going to ...


Six Days of Falluja dev asks if we're just making toys

The whole cancellation of Six Days in Fallujah has got me immensely pissed off and made me want to rant my head off about how games should be more then just random shooting and should really try to approach real life issues and stories. How...


Preview: Six Days in Fallujah

One of the last games Konami showed during the opening presentation at their Gamer's Night was Six Days in Fallujah. The game has gained a lot of attention already due to it being set during the early days of the invasion of Iraq, a battle ...


Iraq War veterans support Six Days in Fallujah

We've been covering the grimly predictable outrage over Konami's Six Days in Fallujah, a videogame based on a real-life battle during the Iraq War. While tabloids and families of war dead have already condemned the game without seeing any o...


Families of U.S war dead complain about Six Days in Fallujah

The ridiculous controversy about a game that we know nothing about continues apace, as families of U.S war dead have contributed to the whining mass of biased over-raction. Despite the fact that these people have never seen the game or any ...


Konami's Iraq game already outraging the tabloids

Konami's Six Days in Fallujah was only announced yesterday with scant information, but that hasn't stopped British newspaper and sad joke book The Daily Mail from jumping all over it and spreading outrage. The Fail was all too quick to get ...


US Army investing $50 million into training games

The United States Army has announced that they will be putting a large chunk of change into gaming. Having created a new "games unit," they will spend $50 million training soldiers on videogames over five years, starting in 2010. ...


Call of Duty 4 getting GOTY edition

It was arguably one of the biggest releases of 2007, and now Activision has seen fit to release Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare as a Game of the Year edition. Let's all accuse Activision of whoring it out! Details are thin on the ground thus...


GameStop says goodbye to HD DVD

Destructoid has gotten word from an inside source (and confirmation - thanks Liqideos) that GameStop/EB Games will no longer be taking HD DVDs or Xbox 360 HD DVD players as of tomorrow. Ever since Warner announced it was switching to Blu...


Even more Resistance 2 details?

Last month, Qais gave us some juicy new details on the upcoming sequel to the PS3 title Resistance: Fall of Man. Now, a few more details, including some story elements, come to us from PlayThree. [Ed's note: You may choose to skip the next ...


Bargain Bin Laden #31: Warhammer 40,000: Fire Warrior

The wares of Games Workshop have been a bone of contention throughout much of my life. Drawn in by the wonderful backdrops, the fantastic designs and the lure of an engrossing tabletop game, my only problem so far has been the fact that I'm...


British Army chief likes the PlayStation generation

While most people blame videogames and gamers for society's ills, there is at least one person who finds time to commend the so-called "PlayStation generation." That man is British Army Chief of the General Staff Sir Richard Danna...


Frontlines: Fuel of War: Fear mongering at it's finest

THQ is holding a really neat contest for their game Frontlines: Fuel of War that is set to come out some time next year (with a demo on the way next month for the Xbox 360). In order to win, you need to sign up at Frontlines' Web site and s...


Will Call of Duty 4 cheapen the 'plight' of soldiers?

It has been said that war games trivialize real war, reducing it to spectacle and throwaway entertainment. No different from the mainstream news, really, but it's videogames that are the scapegoat because, well, they're videogames. In prepa...


Fake game Friday: Call of Duty 4.5

It's been a while since we've highlighted any mildly sexist game ideas here on Fake Game Friday. Time to remedy that.This week's game idea comes to you courtesy of Twisted Imp (and Photoshopped by our own Topher Cantler), who has evidently...


Hands-on: Medal of Honor Heroes 2

As a committed pacifist, I can't believe what I'm about to write. I played a war game at EA's offices this week and found it downright delightful.  Those of you who follow the Medal of Honor series closely probably found yourselves wal...


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