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Hitman may be saved after all

After Square Enix decided to sell off IO Interactive, the future of Hitman lingered in purgatory. Square Enix owns the intellectual property and would continue to do so even without the developer, IO Interactive, around to develop it. ...   read

Shinji Hirano, who once headed Konami Europe, has accepted an executive position at Kojima Productions, according to his LinkedIn profile. Hirano was previously employed  as president of Konami Digital Entertainment for ...   read

  Watch Video Earlier today, Bethesda's Global Content Lead Gary Steinman issued a statement through their website about a change in how the company will handle media reviews moving forward. Bethesda will no longer provide copies of i...   read

 from  japanator
The Magic Circle
  Watch Video You ever wonder what it's like to be a character in a videogame? Most people would think of something pleasant like Mario or Sonic the Hedgehog, not someone from Resident Evil or Silent Hill. But what would it be like to be i...   read
[Gallery] Swipe or use arrow keys
Crash Override
In response to the wave of harassment in the videogame industry, Depression Quest developer Zoë Quinn and freelance game producer Alex Lifschitz have formed Crash Override: a network of anti-harassment crusaders wit...   read
[Gallery] Swipe or use arrow keys

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Hey! Pikmin"Hey! Ho! Let's go!"


Pyre"Seek freedom in the flame"


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Rico the Penguin

I like this


Sooo, no flat contract My landlord is a much more understanding than expected and is surprisingly fond of me as a Now I can finally sleep again \o/


Looks as if the SNES classic is being canceled for everyone on I got an email explaining that it was a technical glitch they even had it go live in the first Bad news for me, but the good thing is we all have another chance!


Just a reminder that Callie and Marie also had giant foreheads when they were


Walmart canceled my SNES Mini It seems they are canceling all orders placed last Be aware!

On Air Fish

Splatoon 2 has amazing I go to Sheldons weapon shop just to hear the Love it!


Who is going to Magfest West?


Im watching an Arkham Knight Lets Play, and it just makes we wants to play Asylum or City There hardly seem to be any good Predator missions in this game, the batmobile looks overused, and theres a particular plot point I rate a firm


#Riddletoid What am I playing? Tip: Not Crash

Hypno Coffin

Pyre is on the fast track to becoming my favorite Supergiant game, which would in turn make it my favorite God, I love this studio so


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