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China represents 25% of the world's game market

My sources tell me that there are a lot of people in China. At least three, and no less than two. So it isn't surprising to hear that China is continuing to extend its lead as the biggest game market in the world, forecast to grow to a $29 ...


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Anthem"Cyber mages"


Yakuza Kiwami"A Legend Reborn"


ChromaGun (VR)"Chroma chameleon"


God Eater 3"Juvenile Devour Fantasy"


Smash Hit Plunder"Smash. Hit. Plunder. Rinse. Repeat."


Crackdown 3"What's old is old again"


Jump Force"Rock the dragon, and the Gum-Gum Fruit, and..."


Far Cry New Dawn"Busy earnin'"


Apex Legends"Those who drop together, become champions together"


Reverie: Sweet As Edition"New Zealand Story"


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Me: Hey, lets play some MHW! Brother: No, lets play some Eletronic Arts Apex Legends™ Me: Allright, now I got some free time, lets play Brother: ooops, party is full again, just like yesterday


Only in earthbound: that butterfly gets my pp up

Electric Reaper

For as much as I love the original Doom game, it does go too crazy with environmental hazards at


Its low altitude time


Is anyone planning to get DMC5 on PC and hasnt already pre-ordered it? I have 4 codes from Green Man Gaming for 26% off the PC version of DMC5 if anyone wants


Im trying to get back into MHW and I just Missed all the timed events and cool loot, all my friends are in the 150+HR range and Im still 9 since I played a bit at PC launch but waited after hoping theyd patch performance a


Still doing OK at I worried that it was going to get infinitely harder after the first week or so once people started giving it up but I dont think theyre giving it In fact, it feels about the same as when it


a little light


This is the kind of tactical ambush you never learned about in history



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