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The Podcastle records tomorrow for God's sake!

If you want a really good laugh, then go hang out in our official Podcastle Forum. That's where you get awesome images like Shakey1245's Band of Buggers picture. We also say naughty swear words, which is totally worth visiting for!To busine...


The Podcastle records today. Say stuff!

This week's Podcastle will be significantly scream-free, because the adorable Atheistium will not be sharing our company. I know this will result in a 50% drop in listenership, but we'll soldier on regardless. Wardrox and I will be joined n...


The Podcastle episode 27: We're all a bit buggered

Atheistium was buzzed off University shenanigans, Wardrox experienced an energy drink comedown, and I was recovering from a minor bit of surgery. Not the most helpful elements when it comes to recording a podcast, but we soldiered on anyway...


The Podcastle episode twenty-something records today

After a Holiday hiatus, Destructoid's narrow-minded and not-all-that-good fifth wheel podcast, The Podcastle, has returned in a blaze of apathy! All the fun of the fair is promised, except with a lot less fun and it's not very fair. Wardrox...


The Podcastle episode 24: Mirror's Edge is rubbish

Good morrow, fair maidens and noble gentlemen, and rejoice! The Podcastle is once again ready for your ears to enjoy, as the usual crew is joined by a super special guest ... even though he's not really that special. Community member The Gh...


The Podcastle episode 23: Goodbye, England's Rose

Ladies and gentlemen, it's the end of an era. Yes, today marks the sad and tragic farewell of a podcasting institution. It's been a wild and crazy ride, but it was inevitable. All good things come to an end, so we humbly present to you the ...


The Podcastle episode 22: God bless Stornoway black pudding

This house condemns the lack of Podcastle and moves to suggest that we have more Podcastle on the pages of Furthermore, this house would like to congratulate Jim Sterling, Wardrox and Atheistium for all the work they have p...


The Podcastle 23 records today! Get your questions in

It is a glorious day, my children, for The Podcastle is once again inviting every jack and knave into its glorious halls for feasts of bounty and tales untold. Once more anon, Sir James D. Sterling, his grace The Archbishop of Wardroxshire,...


The Podcastle episode 21: Does Sonic get blisters?

You might not want to learn the context in which today's headline was said. I'm not sure if the quote is included in the show because I'm in a hurry and it's still downloading, but either way ... it's nasty. We had much to discuss on this e...


The Podcastle episode 21 records today

Ladies and gentlemen, The Podcastle is once again lowering its drawbridge and inviting the peasant folk in for tea and crumpets. We have a lot to talk about this week, so expect a packed show!What do Destructoid's Britpop podcasters have to...


The Podcastle episode 20: Podcastle LIVE II

I’d apologize for this being late, but considering that our regular post schedule means a Podcastle every other Tuesday, you are technically still getting this show two days early! Okay, so it took a long time to get up, but between f...


The Podcastle episode 20: Podcastle Live II

Yes! Due to unpopular demand, The Podcastle is bringing back another attempt at a live show, now with extra gadgetry. We are going to go live with the show officially at 6pm Brit Time (roughly 1PM EST) and if you want to listen in, all you ...


The Podcastle episode 19: Peter Molyneux is a BEAST!

If any Podcastle episode will get us sued, I think this is going to be the one. Considering that I've been behind schedule all day, I've no time to do the usual show notes, so I'll just say that any number of games industry people could get...


The Podcastle episode 18: The Ancestral Fail

Trapped in a maze of streets on Stone Fish Island, the heroes find a Guardian tethered by Kronis' magic. How will the trio evade the evil winged lion and release the Guardian?.The amount of tangents in this episode borders on the ludicrous....


The Podcastle episode 17: Ramblecastle

You know us at the Castle of Pod -- we're not exactly known for sticking to the topic at hand. However, even we were shocked by the way we were able to go on ridiculous tangents this time around. I can't even remember how we were able to go...


The Podcastle 17 records tonight: You are excited

Last episode, we tried a brand new live format that seemed to turn out moderately well. We will revisit the live arena all in due course, but this week we're back in the secluded basement of the The Podcastle for a pre-recorded show. We sha...


The Podcastle episode 16: Podcastle LIVE

Yesterday evening saw the debut of Podcastle LIVE, an ambitious project which we undertook with no practice, planning or experience, in order to present our European podcast to a public audience who could interact with us in IRC, as well as...


Podcastle goes LIVE! Find out how to be part of the rubbish

Last night, I told you that we would today be recording The Podcastle, Destructoid's Euro-flavored podcast. What I didn't tell you (because we didn't decide it until about twenty minutes ago) is that The Podcastle is going to be a LIVE reco...


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My Time at Portia"A city of squandered potential"


Onimusha: Warlords"Nobunaga is up to his old tricks again"


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Matt I Guess

I forgot to post this earlier when I was sharing it on Discord and stuff, but I drew Lotte from LWA today as a practice for the new drawing program I put on my It feels good to draw

Punished Nietzsche

I really liked the MK11 demonstration The fighting engine seems better, the models looks awesome and the fatalities great as Im reaaaally pumped for it now, and it comes in like, 3 months! If only they bring Shang Tsung


Wes is a wonderful person who has helped make this place feel like Also he has the same birthday as my brother so I feel like were technically related


Lost my truck in a wreck Grandfather bought it 19 years Goodbye old friend, you were my favorite vehicle 😢


Thanks to you guys I ate Course my coworker did too for lunch so that made it even harder not

CaimDark Reloaded

Damn, even Brazilian media is talking about Alexandria Ocasio An article I just read labeled her the most important woman in the I have no idea why shes suddenly such a hot commodity, but whatever she did, must have been very


Pardon the spam, but I also reuploaded my old(ish) cover of the Butthole Surfers Pepper with some more vocal liberties taken towards the end! Thought I had made a huge error with going 5/4 signature at one part, but I didnt! One of my favorite


To honor this one, probably great, guys special


Just going to start a stream, play some of that there AC Origins



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