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No travel agent required: VR worlds you need to visit

Sponsored by SickKids Foundation Before you stands a mountain that lives up to its name. The sweltering heat obscures your vision as you approach. You’ve dreamed of making this journey since you were a child, and now here you stand at...


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Frog Fractions: Game of the Decade Edition: Hop's Iconic Hat"Probably the most colons I've ever put in a headline"


Void Terrarium"Morbius? Morbius?!"


Nioh 2: The Tengu's Disciple"Remember the Lunar Staff? It's back (in Nioh form)"


Hotel Sowls"Help yourself to some salmon pie"


Destroy All Humans!"We all know conspiracies are dumb"


Death Come True"You can check out anytime you like..."


Necrobarista"Very visual, very novel"


Rainswept"There's no peace of mind here..."


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I think Im going to need several whiskeys to get through Yakuza Big oof of a game right Whoever decided to make every enemy block all your attacks needs to be Tiger Dropped in the


I want this game after watching


This game looks hella fun and would scratch the TRPG itch which hasnt been scratched by a quality TRPG in a loooooong Do I grab it for PC or wait for the Switch version (which doesnt have a date Leaning towards PC because Im




Driving me crazy - my TV connected to my computer blinks out for like 1 second, sound and Tried a new hdmi cable, updated drivers, nothing helped so Ideas?


Nintendo sent me a brand new Pro controller rather than repair my faulty Unexpected but Ill take it, makes the repair charge seem more

Sweaty Dungus

Oh, Analogue sold I guess I dont need an expensive gameboy now that I think about


Pocket is Managed to get one and a dock so I am


I got myself an Analogue Pocket! Now to a


Reading the Halo Waypoint post where 343 does damage control for Infinite (link This stood Its wild the channel I used to watch for framerate analysis gets an acknowledgement from the devs of Microsofts next flagship console game lol



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