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Immortals Fenyx Rising"'Cause we could be immortals, just not for long"


Twin Mirror"Not enough time for reflection"


Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War"Are you a bad enough dude to violate the Geneva Convention?"


World of Warcraft: Shadowlands"Down in the underground: a land serene, a crystal moon"


Tracks: Toybox Edition"We can't get jobs 'cause our arms show..."


Until You Fall"Knight in shining roguelike"


Overcooked: All You Can Eat"A convenient and responsive remaster that brings both Overcooked games and their DLC into one fast-loading package"


Godfall"One shall stand, one shall fall"


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Czar Kazem

Not cursed, not blessed, just another fun release from the local craft Cheers,


A MGS nerd and cosplayer named Leah is making a thread in twitter, “METAL GEAR characters if you asked them to get you pads: a thread“: it’s very She posted several characters like My little contribution is in the


Goddamn it,

Virtua Kazama

Class is back in session! Its time to take a look at the various ports of Fighting Vipers in tonights lesson of Fighting Game History 101!


A baby baby, Tingle!


I was digging out my closet and I found my Rift CE with the mouse pad and 8 GB flash More CEs should come with stuff like No more statues, give me a snuggy or a bigger flash drive or some coasters for my coffee table


#cursedmas anyone remember this?

Kevin Mersereau

My Secret Santa got me this extremely cursed Nic Cage pillow cover (it has scales!) and a copy of Mandy on blu ray! Thank you so much, Santa! (Bonus pic in comments)



Yue chan

This is 🙃



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