Review: New Pokemon Snap

It's still a bit jarring that there has been two decades between Pokémon Snap games. The first was a highlight in any Nintendo 64 collection; it was a quick, fast, instantly understandable game. Hop in a buggy, roll through the wilds...


A few quick tips for New Pokemon Snap's launch weekend

A new Pokémon Snap game is out today, a sentence I am still honestly surprised I'm typing in the year 2021. The first was a one-off spin-off on the Nintendo 64, a quirky game that let you photograph Pokémon instead of capturin...


Pokemon Sword and Shield is giving out free items again

Over the weekend Nintendo held a Pokemon Sword and Shield Players Cup III tournament, and you can reap the benefits. As is the case with these sorts of events, folks can grab a free reward: a Dream Ball. Wait, is that a big deal? Well,...


Oh look it's a bunch of New Pokemon Snap footage

It's been 22 years... Pokemon Snap came out in 1999. Feel old yet? The weird little project that could from HAL Laboratory has withstood the test of time, spurring myriad think pieces about how great the game is and how there should eventua...


Why did I wait so long to play Pokemon Trading Card Game?

[Narrated by Josh Picard] Growing up, I had a friend who was very into the Star Wars Customizable Card Game. He carried two binders with him throughout the fifth grade: one for his school work and one for all of his cards. I don't know...


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My qtoid experience on 5-6-21 artistically


My Life: A Memoir


They had to make the game and develop the engine at the same time *Weeps in Half Life 2*


Larxs blog tipped the scale for I have to rant about a problem within our destructoid I love our little world here, but its far from perfect and I personally think we need to Rant in the

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This is humorous An expression of laughter is required in the This is Have a nice


Fighting off some bad vibes this morning to share my progress on a remade dialogue portrait for Mélodie, because I do feel like the last design I shared on here is a nice upgrade over before! Planning to return to coding this weekend after some rest ^^


Beat Ultimate Alliance 3, but not finished with Time to do F4 content and beat down Doom! I really like this game, but the long load times give me something to complain about, because Ive played older UA games with shorter load


One thing I love about right-wing political cartoons is their uncanny ability to make the opposite of the point theyre actually trying to

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Nobody hates video games like video game



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