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Ghostrunner"Ghostface killah"


G.I. Joe: Operation Blackout"Stop all the downloadin'"


The Red Lantern"The Alaskan Trail"


Pumpkin Jack"Jack be nimble, Jack's a dick"


Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods - Part One"Ripping and tearing into the season pass"


The Jackbox Party Pack 7"Something to distract you from 2020"


Nioh 2: Darkness in the Capital"Two words: Izuna Drop"


Star Wars Squadrons"Need someone disintegrated? Get me integrated"


Torchlight III"An oversimplified sequel"


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I think Im finally going to draft a rough decklist for my Polukranos Unchained Commander deck and test it on Cockatrice before buying the Btw recently remembered that Hot Soup exists and cant wait to make a hydra carry a cauldron of Soup in game


On most pages right now it says Im logged out and signing in does Had to go to my own qpost page where it remembers Im logged in to post *Shrug*

Whispering Willow

Ive survived a couple rounds with Red Chocobos, but future updates will probably have them to more evil


Asked Alexa to play Inexplicable by The Correspondents asking for Inexplicably High Inexplicably Low Suprising Playing Big titted beep beep in impossibly high


Question to fellow developers! What software do you usually use when you do your stuff? Ive been really digging the Jetbrains suite for C#/Java, and Visual Studio Code for writing/scripting, but Im always on the lookout for nifty tools :)


Ya boi gots himself a kitchen gig Sous chef at some hip little Gotta behave, stay right, make some money, and go forward with my Good mornin


Time to wait for Rockstar Support to respond so I can delete my second Rockstar account and transfer my actual account to the right Could be a


Anyone here read comics/graphic novels digitally? Know any sites where I can buy them other than Comixology (great site and app, I just want more Got any GN suggestions for me? (0 interest in typical Marvel/DC (Batman excluded) stuff)pic related


@alexistor77 hey


Makes you 🤔



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