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S.A.P.S: Sony foretold the coming of Jack Thompson

I showed this fantastic commercial for the original Sony PlayStation to the rest of the Destructoid crew and sadly, being a European-only advertisment, none of my American colleagues were at all familiar with the satirical-ahead-of-its-time...


ESRB: We love smaller retailers too!

In a move to show that not just the big retailers deserve proper backing from a self-regulated organization that enforces video game ratings, the ESRB announced yesterday that it is partnering with Ingram Entertainment in order to help sma...


Failure of governance: The regulation of video games

Look, I rarely drink. Being the happy go lucky lad that I am, I also don't usually pay much attention to polititicans, lawyers, or even public service announcements for that matter. However, sometimes an article will land in my virtual ...


Jack Thompson goes after Halo 3 now

Well it doesn't take him long, does it? The Halo 3 beta was released only last week and that pathetic scavenger Jack Thompson has already leapt upon Microsoft, penis erect with rage, in an attempt to try and take the spotlight away from...


HMV's box art for Manhunt 2 is stuffed with Vitamin Win

Hoo boy, slow news day today, huh? On a dull and lifeless Sunday such as this, what better way can we spend our overly abundant sabbath time than by laughing at the expense of that pudstick, Jack Thompson? HMV have the right idea, as this t...


EA: You haven't seen the last of The Godfather engine

It looks like the game engine that powered The Godfather still has a bit more life left in it. According to one industry analyst, EA has planned on using the engine in at least five upcoming projects, including a follow up to The Godfather ...


Prepare to agree with Rush Limbaugh

I am about to utter a something I would have never, ever thought would escape my lips, and it is this:Rush Limbaugh could not be more correct.On Rush's radio show yesterday, a caller phoned in and essentially made the same assertion Ja...


Jack Thompson's evil FOX appearance

Remember how I told you Jack "video games are zee devil" Thompson was on FOX News yesterday taking advantage of the Virginia Tech tragedy to push his own agenda? Well, thankfully one of our dedicated readers, Kennigit, sent ove...


State of Louisiana coughs up $91K to gaming industry

In the face of Jack Thompson's reprehensible capitalizing on today's tragic events at Virginia Tech comes a bit of good news: the State of Louisiana is reimbursing $91,000 in legal fees spent fighting the unconstitutional statutes ...


Why the heck isn't Jack Thompson suing Destructoid?

He's suing everybody else, including, but not limited to: Take Two, the Entertainment Software Association, the ESRB, Doug Lowenstein, Penny Arcade (that'll teach them to donate to charity), the Entertainment Consumer Association, G...


Jack Thompson getting sued...FINALLY!

 David and Goliath. He-Man and Skeletor. Jack Thompson and Take Two. These famous rivalries have entertained us, thrilled us, and, in the case of the last one, infuriated us to no end.The infuriating thing about Jack Thompson's con...


Jack Thompson predicts future, throws temper tantrum

In the most unsurprising news of the year, Jack Thompson gets angry about some video games.The games in question? Take-Two’s upcoming Manhunt 2 and Grand Theft Auto IV. “Cotton Top” Thompson is ready...


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Seras Victoria sketch


I have played the demo, I love the Gothic castle setting, not sure what to think of the inventory (I assume that is not what it is going to look I like how it looked in RE7/RE2Remake Hope it’s at least as scary as

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I have had multiple dreams over the last few years involving Resident Evil 7s Baker I have never played Resident Evil I think the lavish portrayal of a warped family setting got to me like few horror games


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