Checking out Final Fantasy XIII 360 on a party bus

Lucky enough to live on best West Coast, I'm privy to all sorts of videogames and fun stuff, connections with a website notwithstanding. One such experience is actually the Final Fantasy XIII bus, which Dale mentioned earlier this week. Wit...


Sonic's the only playable Project Needlemouse character

Everybody act surprised! Earlier this week, Sega teased us with a list of potential playable characters in its upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog reboot, codenamed Project Needlemouse. As we, and likely the world, predicted, the whole thing was me...


Sony: MAG is a 'statement of intent' for FPS fans

With God of War III and Heavy Rain set for release over the coming months, it can be easy to forget that Zipper Interactive has a pretty big game of its own headed to the PlayStation 3. That game is MAG, the highly ambitious 256-player FPS ...


CES 2010: Heavy Rain 'blows Uncharted 2 away'

Not that Sony representatives are fans of hype or anything, but an excited PR man seemed so thrilled with Heavy Rain that he made one of the boldest statements we've ever heard, claiming that Heavy Rain is graphically superior to the curren...


Sony: God of War III 'set apart' from other modern games

Sony is loading the hype cannons and preparing for a full assault with God of War III, and who can really blame them? As Kratos gears up for an all-new adventure, Sony product manager Claire Backhouse has sprayed her PR juice in the faces o...


OnLive could be on cell phones as well

OnLive has been promising a lot since it made such a splash at E3. We've had some time with the guys behind it and are still unsure that it can deliver on all its amazing promises. Every game, any time, everywhere no matter what your intern...


Ex-Dtoid editor has the touch, makes me want Epic Mickey

David Houghton is one of my favorite videomgame journalists; he's got an great analytical eye, and he knows how to express his excitement without coming off as insincere. It figures that he would be the one to make me interested in Epic Mic...


Infinity Ward vaguely teases Modern Warfare 2 surprises

As with any good game that, y'know, has an interesting storyline, there's always something we don't find out about until we play the full game for ourselves. Whether that is a plot twist, an epic set piece, or a new form of gameplay, it doe...


Lionhead Studios site updates recap

Ever since Thursday the Lionhead Studios website has been updating with a very interesting countdown. Each day the site has updated with a new historical figure on its entrance page and a quote from that figure. Those going to the site coul...


BioShock team getting ambitious

It's an all too common story in the world of gaming. A great development team creates an amazing game and a franchise is born and moved over to a different development team, which often results in a whole lot less amazement. Of course, from...


MS: Project Natal to feel like 'a new generation' in 2010

Microsoft isn't afraid of hyping the everliving crap out of its sure-to-be-disappointing "wave your arms like a stupid dick" toy. The company is continuing to make Natal sound like the launch of a brand new system, and Microsoft G...


Jack Black explains the history of the battleaxe

Man, there's really been a ton of content coming out on Brütal Legend as they ramp up hype some three months before the scheduled release of the game. And, hey, here's more of it!In this short video, Jack Black does that thing that he ...


NBA Live 10 will improve, dev promises

Samit hat go!If I were to tell you that I had played a basketball game since NBA Jam I would be lying to your face (through the internet). That won't stop me from taking other people's opinions and writing about modern basketball videogames...


Massive Action Game 'only possible' on PlayStation 3

It is my sincere hope that if I run enough of these "Game X is only possible on PS3" stories, gamers will get so annoyed that they will eventually rise up and murder those who keep saying "Game X is only possible on PS3."...


Capcom hyper hyping: More (and better) HD remakes on the way

In a recent chat with Videogamer.com, Capcom's Vice President of business development and strategic planning, (that's VPOBDASP for short), Christian Svensson (CS for short, presumably), said the company had plenty more where Super Street Fi...


Killzone 2 devs talk about unrealistic expectations

In the future, hype's Dictionary definition could be replaced with a box shot of Killzone 2, and I'm pretty sure we'd all get the idea. There is no denying that the pressure is on for Guerrilla and its big PS3 exclusive, which launches at t...


New Alan Wake details are not details

Once again, it's time for us to talk about the game that has a ridiculous amount of hype surrounding it, even though nobody knows what it is, Alan Wake. Developer Remedy Entertainment is keeping the hype fire stoked by pulling one of the ol...


PS3 the 'only' console capable of holding Killzone 2

In the UK, Official PlayStation Magazine has hit WH Smith shelves around the country, bringing with it one of the first print reviews of Killzone 2. The special magazine, with a "highly collectible" shiny holographic wallet is sai...


Insomniac = Killzone 2 fanboys

I'll admit it -- against my better judgment, I am getting excited for Killzone 2. I don't want to be, because as far as I'm concerned, Guerrilla Games is an unproven entity and has done nothing to convince me that it so far deserves its sta...


Kojima thinks hype is a bad thing: Yes, we all get the irony

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots was one of the most hyped and covered game releases of the year, yet funnily enough, the mastermind behind Solid Snake's PlayStation 3 adventure has little love for massive ad campaigns.Kojima's comp...


Obama promotes temperance, game journos freak out

Recently, presidential hopeful Barack Obama has made a few speeches that apparently stuck in the meaty, burbling craw of the gaming community, resulting in a flurry of tyrannical screeds, predictably reactionary to the point of being sad an...


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