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Husband and wife co-op weekend ruins world record Gamerscore

In what can only be considered a monumental mistake, Xbox gamer Ray 'Stallone83' Cox lost his 'highest Gamerscore' world record, which he has held for eleven years straight, after he stopped gaming momentarily to have marital relations with...

Biggest game collection photo

Man's record-breaking collection contains 10,607 games

The largest collection of videogames, according to Guinness, belongs to Michael Thomasson. He's got 10,607 games, up from the last Guinness World Record holder's collection of 8,616 titles, reports The Associated Press. My first reaction to...


Fans vote Black Ops for best videogame ending of all time

There are quite a few entries in the Guinness World Records that many would consider superfluous, but no matter how ridiculous some of them may be, they always have something in common -- objectivity. Everything can be measured, weighed, qu...


Selections from Guinness World Records 2012 Gamers Ed.

The folks at Guinness were kind enough to send me an early copy of their Gamer's Edition of the Guinness World Records 2012 last week. It's a really fun read, packed with 200 pages of gaming trivia and oddities, smartly sorted by gaming gen...


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Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection"Duck, throw, dip, dive, and dodge"


Capcom Arcade Stadium"Continue...?"


Bravely Default II"Get brave again"


Persona 5 Strikers"Beat 'em up, Phantom Thieves"


Little Nightmares II"A fitting next step for the horror-adventure series"


Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury"A modern classic reborn"


Destruction AllStars"Worth a week with PlayStation Plus, but not much more"


Gal Gun Returns"Young girl, you're out of your mind"


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Roadrunner Email - How to Create and Login to Roadrunner Mail Account? Many users out there are looking for methods to create a Roadrunner Email account, so for them, the information penned in this blog section would be


Happy birthday VVXY! Hope you had a good


Im gonna be soon moving on to Persona 5 Strikers, but Im still genuinely addicted to It infuriates me in the same ways that Spelunky used to in its sudden deaths from, seemingly, easily avoidable damage, but the allure is still so strong!


I was using my ps4 controller on ps2 via Brooks converter for Ace Combat 4 and its so The only hiccup is that the map zooms more with pressure The controller doesnt have that feature so maps either zoomed in or all the way


If anyones interested, an acquaintance of mine made a complete archive of Jurassic Park Operation Genesis, including a *TON* of scrapped Link in the comment


Finally got around to checking out Gears 5, and its bringing me back to my 360 Crazy that Gears 3 is almost a decade old, Ive probably sunk hundreds of hours into the multiplayer of the GOW


Got any Sir Sly fans here? Ive been listening to them a lot lately, especially:

Funkotrons Finest

Finished Mario Sunshine, enjoyed it very much, though not as much as back in the Still love the setting, but It can be frustrating, some levels are Got 70 shines no desire to get the rest, but glad I finished


My goal is to look like a dragon ball z character by 30


Catchy The little tune gets stuck in your head and really sells the whole Heard it while buying some Is bueno! #musictoid | De Lux - Better At Making Time



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