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Nintendo and the AHA to make an announcement May 17

This is it. The partnership you've all been waiting for. On May 17 Nintendo and the American Heart Association are going to make an announcement in the city of New York. What this announcement will be is shrouded in mystery. A mystery so th...


Full sequel to EA Sports Active coming this fall

EA Sports announced yesterday that a full sequel to the tremendously successful, critically acclaimed workout program EA Sports Active is currently in development, set for release this fall. The sequel, tentatively named EA Sports...


Microsoft wants Jim Sterling's Avatar to be as fat as him

If the state of Avatars in my Xbox Live Friends list is any indication, all my friends are apparently closet Master Chiefs, attendees of PAX 09, steam punk aficionados and Halo Waypoint award whores. Seriously, that floating ball thing is a...


Wii Exercise Bike is going nowhere, works with Mario Kart

Mario Kart Wii is a ton of fun. But, if you're strange and were hoping you could make the game less fun, you could control it with an exercise bike. Believe it or not, an exercise bike is coming to the Wii. Cyberbike, a title from publisher...


Trish Stratus coming out with a Wii Yoga game

Trish Stratus as a brunette with glasses is stunning. She was always hot, but now she's just ... wow. Oh, right, videogames. Fitness model and former WWE actor Trish Stratus has teamed up with Frima Studio to develop a new yoga game fo...


Wii Fit book helps you shed pounds... theoretically

One of my biggest gripes with Wii Fit, which I expressed in Dtoids review of the game, was that it had absolutely no direction. There were simply a bunch of exercises thrown at you and then nothing else. You couldn't even make your own work...


Jenny McCarthy has a fitness game now?!

Okay, when Daisy Fuentes' fitness game was announced, I sort of shrugged it off. I mean, apart from an excuse to talk about Daisy Fuentes, something I rarely get an opportunity to do any longer, there's just not a lot there that interests m...


Rumor: A peripheral-based cycling game coming to Wii?

GoNintendo has acquired images of marketing slides which supposedly outline a couple of future Wii titles. One of these is a exercise game which simulates cycling using a special peripheral. In addition to the description of gameplay above,...


Boot Camp: EA Sports Active 30-Day Challenge (Week 4)

Follow me as I spend a month trying to better myself by using EA Sports Active to exercise and follow its diet tips.Well, I've finally come to the end of my month-long training with EA Sports Active. It's been an interesting month, coming i...


Boot Camp: EA Sports Active 30-Day Challenge (Week 3)

Follow me as I spend a month trying to better myself by using EA Sports Active to exercise and follow its diet tips.Coming back from Otakon, I had a nagging problem that only got worse with the drive home and some horsing around with friend...


Boot Camp: EA Sports Active 30-Day Challenge (Week 2)

Follow me as I spend a month trying to better myself by using EA Sports Active to exercise and follow its diet tips.Coming back from Otakon, I've had some time away from Active to really sit and think about how the software handles, and to ...


Watch a virtual Daisy Fuentes bend and stretch

Look at her. She looks amazing. She probably does a lot of pilates.Well, what do you know? Daisy Fuentes has a pilates game coming out for the Wii! We've been sent four videos showing some of the many, many exercises you can perform with a ...


Boot Camp: EA Sports Active 30-Day Challenge (Week 1)

When you take a look at me, I don't seem like someone in dire need of a diet or an exercise program. Clocking in at 6'2" and 184lbs, I come off as a bit lanky to most people -- but the truth is, I've got a lot of fat that manages to pa...


Walk It Out is so terribly exciting it hurts

Are you ready for the most over enthusiastic trailer you've ever seen? No, I mean are you really ready? You're about to be blown over by enthusiasm for a game no one should be that enthusiastic about so you're going to need to be sitting do...


Fitness blogger says games need warning labels

A fitness blog called Winston Salem Fitness recently published an editorial calling out the Wii Fit and suggesting that videogames be packaged with a label warning against the possibility of obesity from their use:Overall, I give Nintendo c...


Fitness company trademarks Fitness Hero and Workout Hero

The whole "Hero" craze is in full swing these days, and I wouldn't be shocked to see Breakfast Hero or Nursing Home Hero pop up in someone's trademark list. The most recent trademarks are Fitness Hero and Workout Hero, but instead...


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