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Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy!"Oh my god he's back again"


World War Z"Pyramid Zed"


Vaporum "A tower of monsters"


Review in Progress: Anno 1800"Gamer East India Company"


Dragon Marked for Death"This is what we've been waiting for?"


Ghost Giant "The helpful specter "


Dangerous Driving"Burnout in everything but name"


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Nathan D

Happy Easter!

sp testure

My HD Video Converter came in The PS2 lives again! Time for some Sub Rebellion,Front Mission 5 and time permitting Wild Arms cocks :p


Didn’t know Montreal’s West Island had a street bearing the same name as that of a certain hospital in a certain survival horror


Beat Night in the I really liked the writing and character interactions and Story is alright and Im glad I played 7 games beat this year! Maybe I can beat another short game before I start Days Gone in a few Also, Gregg Rulz OK

able to think

You know the GameBoy is iconic when you can but magnets to make your fridge look like Happy 30th birthday DMG-01!


Because Jesus died for our sins, #WesLikesEasterBigChungusWednesdays


As long as Im here #WeslikesEasterbunnygirlsWednesday


I finally finished VA-11 HALL-A and I want I wish N1RV Ann-A wasnt taking place in a new city with apparently a new


Breaking my self imposed exile to let you guys know that Fire Emblem Warriors is currently more than 50% off on Amazon 3rd-party seller with excellent seller feedback score, not sure how limited supplies are though, so if youre interested move


Even in the parody this scene is still pretty



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