Tabbed browsing on the Wii with Wiiminder

Tabbed browsing is great — every browser should have it. Even the newest version of Internet Explorer has jumped on the tab train. The Wii version of Opera? Not so much. Enter Wiiminder.

The curiously named tool is essentially a page that’s a browser within the Wii browser. I took it for a test run and it does pretty much exactly what it advertised. The site has a bevy of bookmarks already set to go, so you can get to tabbing as soon as you load it up. I’ll forgive them for Destructoid not being one of them, although one certain clown shoe wearing Web site is among the list. Surely an oversight.

This is a neat idea for Wii users who feel they need a more functional browsing experience on their television. But even with tabbed browsing, I think I’m still missing the point of wanting to browse the web on a Wii.

What’s that? I can play Flash games in the browser? Oh, there’s a novel idea — having games to play on the Wii.
[Editor’s note: I love the Wii.] 
Nick Chester