Switch Kingdom Hearts Cloud Versions updated to warn you when you shouldn’t play them

Kingdom Hearts Cloud Versions

You’ll now get a “server congestion” warning screen

The Kingdom Hearts Cloud Versions just got a little more “yikes” worthy, as a new update actually encourages you not to play it, depending on how the servers are feeling at that moment.

Yep, patch 1.03, which just arrived this week, applies to all three versions. After the update, “the server congestion status is now displayed on the portal screen.” In other words, the game will actively tell you if the servers are overloaded, and potentially scare you off from actually playing it. Gaming in 2022!

At the very least, the Kingdom Hearts III Cloud Version also added the ability to toggle between a visual and a performance mode. But other than that and the aforementioned warning screens for all the Kingdom Hearts Cloud Versions, that’s about it.

On one hand, it’s actually nice to know whether or not you’re going to be diving into a game and then having it crash five minutes later, during some pivotal moment. On the other, this band-aid fix is incredibly weird all-around, and just comically highlights the problematic nature of releasing cloud versions of a wildly popular game series without the proper infrastructure to support it. Now you have a minigame beyond the game in terms of pinpointing the best time to play! Or you could get a used copy of the complete collection for around $30 on another platform.

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