Switch hardware hits a new milestone, outsells all total Wii U software

Switch hardware milestone

The new official count for Switch hardware is 107.65 million

A new Switch hardware milestone has been hit, as the console itself has outsold the complete total of all Wii U software.

As part of Nintendo’s new financial report ending in the 2022 fiscal year (March 31, 2022), they’ve updated their handy investor relations (IR) information page. The updated sales numbers for the Switch are in, and the console is at 107.65 million units sold (5.8 million of those are via the OLED model), with 822.18 million units of software sold. That’s right on the heels of the Wii software-wise, which boasts 921.85 million units on that end (the Switch already outsold the Wii the last time we checked in).

At the moment, the Switch has secured its spot as the fifth overall best-selling game device (including handhelds), and is the third best-selling console of all time. The next Switch hardware milestone is beating the PS4’s 116.9 million, which puts it in range of the Game Boy + Game Boy Color’s 118.69 million. After that it has a long ladder to climb to approach the 154 million and 155 million of the DS and the PS2 respectively.

An even sadder comparison is something a reader pointed out: Switch hardware to Wii U software. At this point the Switch itself has outsold the total count of Wii U software, which clocks in at 103.48 million units. Ouch. The poor little console can’t catch a break!

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