Survey hints at a Snake in your box (that wasn’t meant to sound so sexual)

[Disclaimer: This is neither a guarantee that MGS4 will be on the Xbox 360, nor is it an indication of the imminent failure of the PlayStation 3. It is, however, a bunch of words on a website, and when has a website ever lied to you?]

Now that that’s out of the way, a US-based market research company by the name Penn, Scheon & Berland Associates has been propogating a survey recently that seems to ask very intimate questions about consumers interests in seeing their Xbox 360’s render an old man hiding in a box. According to Yahoo News UK & Ireland, some of their snooping on the subject revealed Microsoft to be one of the clients of the aforementioned mysterious marketing firm.

This could mean a lot of things, so I want none of you to jump to conclusions. Yes, it could mean that Microsoft is actively working to pull Metal Gear Solid 4 onto their next-gen baby, but it could also mean that Penn and Scheon have a bet going regarding the outcome of these answers. Rich people do that sort of thing constantly.

Earnest Cavalli
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