Super sizing strikes again: giant Xbox 360

What’s the deal with huge recreations of video game consoles and accessories lately? Last week we talked about the massive Atari 2600 joystick, and there has also been some huge NES pads in the past. We also recently saw the super-sized Wii Remote, which doubled as a storage cabinet. Now another gamer shows off his storage solution, and this time it is styled to look like a giant Xbox 360 console.

This three-hundred percent scale upright Xbox 360 console replica even features a glowing light ring, and it opens up to store magazines, cords, and …magazines. The owner makes sure to stress that it would also store “anything I’d want, really.” Good to know.

I know this isn’t a competition, but I like the super-sized Wii Remote better. It seemed less complicated and more elegant. Also, there was less mouth breathing involved in its demonstration.

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