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Super Rude Bear Resurrection jumps to life in early May


You just can't keep this bear down

Super Rude Bear Resurrection is a game that we've had our eye on for quite a while now. We got our first proper look at Tokyo Game Show in 2015 and were quite impressed. Super Rude Bear Resurrection's one-two punch of insanely tough platforming and useful death mechanic make for an intoxicating combination. See, every time you die, you leave behind a new corpse that can be hopped on to make subsequent runs easier.

Ray put it best in his PAX East preview last month when he said "It's Meat Boy masochism turned up a notch, but with the caveat that failing can sometimes be the key to success." This could very well be tougher than Super Meat Boy but at least those past failures might eventually add up to something positive.

It won't be much longer until we learn exactly how difficult this game really is. Developer Alex Rose just revealed that Super Rude Bear Resurrection will release early next month -- May 2 on PS4 and May 5 on Steam. It'll be priced at $15. Commemorating the announcement is the new launch trailer that's embedded above.

Anyone who's itching for a tight-controlling masochistic platformer will want to keep tabs on this one. Just be prepared to die. And stop looking at death like it's such a bad thing.

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