Super Paper Mario ad; Nintendo kicks an eagle in the junk

Here you have it, kids; the official Super Paper Mario television ad. Once again, it features the door-to-door video game dispensing Japanese gentlemen of previous ads, only this time, they seem a bit more melancholy than before.

Whereas this Wii commercial shows these two gentlemen (unnamed, but known as Lenny and Squiggy to those of us with pictures of them taped up in our lockers) enjoying an afternoon of fun with a number of multi-generational families much to the delight of everyone involved, this latest commercial has them appearing at the doorstep of two twenty-somethings, who do their best to utterly ignore our two heroes. The post-teens quickly take the new copies of Super Paper Mario, but upon playing, they utterly ignore their Japanese benefactors.

Nintendo has laced its advertisement with a striking commentary on the current American’s gluttony and ego-driven lifestyle. Instead of cooperating with our foreign brethren, for all too long now, we have used them to fulfill our own needs, and once we’ve had our fill, we inevitably kick them to the curb, or worse.

I believe Thomas Paine said it best; “You are all a bunch of fat whores, and I think I just got Face-AIDS from talking to you.”

Earnest Cavalli
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