Super Dave fans rejoice — Stuntman: Ignition leaping onto HD consoles

Are you excited yet? No? Not so much?

While the teaser may not be very revealing (or original), THQ has nonetheless announced that it will be releasing the sequel to Atari’s Stuntman, entitled Stuntman: Ignition, this summer for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The original Stuntman was a pretty frustrating game (with horrendous load times), but offered something new to the almost-stale racing genre by asking players to participate in different stunt driving sequences from various fictional movies. Not only did I have a pretty fun time with it, but all at once it helped me fulfill my childhood fantasies of driving fast cars, jumping over tall things, and being in a movie.

If Ignition can iron out all the kinks from the original, this may be a game to look out for during the usual summer gaming drought.

Chad Concelmo