Let’s watch the Summer Game Fest 2022 live stream

summer game fest 2022 live stream destructoid watch post

Get your Keigh-3 on

It only seems like only yesterday we were steeling ourselves for a tidal wave of news from Summer Game Fest 2021, and now we are a mere 45 minutes away from yet stream of updates, trailers, reveals, and “WORLD EXCLUSIVES” from summer king Geoff Keighley and his posse of industry publishing pals.

The show, which kicks off at the top of the hour, is expected to run somewhere between 90 minutes and two hours, (I got a tenner on 2:14), and will feature an array of new and previously announced titles spotlit for your video game lovin’ eyes. Mr. Keighley has already told the audience to temper their expectations — noting that the stream will be primarily focused on “already announced” titles — but did note that Street Fighter 6, Gotham Knights, Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, The Calisto Project, and many more titles will be putting in an appearance this afternoon.

There might even be some surprises! One might be all over Twitter already!

So, please join our team for two hours (and 14 minutes) of mass marketing pomp and circumstance in this year’s Summer Game Fest. Here’s hoping that you see something fabulous to get your hype engine in gear for the 2022-2023 gaming season. We are still a long, long way from the end of 2022’s summer gaming news extravaganza, but today’s show is sure to kick the front door wide open.

Sit back, have fun, oh, and remember to stay hydrated!

Chris Moyse
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