Sucker Punch shows you how to play inFAMOUS

Having trouble with a side mission in Sucker Punch Productions’ inFAMOUS? Nah, we didn’t think you were, either — side missions in the PS3-exclusive are fairly undemanding on the brain. But have you ever wondered what inspired or influenced the design of a side mission? Ah, there we go. We felt a pang of interest.

Sony Computer Entertainment and Sucker Punch unloaded three inFAMOUS videos yesterday afternoon. Each video will gently guide you through a select side mission. Think walkthrough with a twist: Sucker Punch designer Darren Bridges narrates the videos and drops a few design knowledge nuggets as it progresses.

You can view all three videos below the fold. The first two are missions available for those that choose to follow the evil path: “Night on the Town” and “The Titanic Beatdown.” The other video is a basic “Satellite Uplinks” mission.

While subdued (Bridges seems like a relaxed fellow), these videos do dish out some decent information. Also, they feature a dude that can kill people with lightning. C’mon. That’s better than zombies, right? Uh … right?


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