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Street Fighter V getting a balance update in April



Street Fighter V may have had its problems at launch, but it's been slowly evolving the past year to a pretty entertaining fighter. It's still got a ways to go, unfortunately, but Capcom's been paying attention. Even if Cammy is still getting buffed. 

Regardless. a new balance patch is coming for Season 2 toward the end of April, according to Capcom-Unity. It may be a bit too late for the start of their Pro-Tour this year, but there's still time to practice before the tournament circuit really gets going. 

Some highlights of the balance patch include the increase of charge frames (from six to ten, which means Chun-Li is going to have a bad better time), Cammy has her damn air throw back, Urien is slightly less of a powerhouse than he was when Season 2 initially launched (his life bar has gone down just a bit), you can't escape throws while inputting up anymore, "Shoryuken" type attacks have added air invincibility and Gief da' Great got some new moves. 

Head over to Capcom-Unity to read the full list of patch details. 

[A previous version of this article erroneously reported on a change to the throw tech option select bug. It has since been updated to correct this.]

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