Street Fighter IV 3DS goes over-the-shoulder

 A brief video is doing the rounds right now, showing an over-the-shoulder viewpoint in Street Fighter IV on the 3DS. While it’s not up close and personal like Resident Evil 4, it’s nonetheless an interesting new perspective for the fighting game.

Apparently, the over-the-shoulder camera is used when the game is played in 3D mode, which makes sense considering you’ll get a greater sense of depth that way. Whether or not it will affect gameplay, however, especially given the game’s list of complex combos, remains to be seen. 

Some people are already saying it looks terrible, but do you agree? Check it out, and remember that you can always turn 3D off if you want to play the game with a traditional perspective.

3DS SSF4 will have over the shoulder perspective option [EventHubs]

Jim Sterling