Street Fighter 6: Could badass lumberjack Pietra be a roster newcomer?

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She’s a lumberjack and she’s ok

This weekend saw the world celebrate Free Comic Book Day, as outlets across the globe rolled out exclusive issues of their colorful periodicals, free of charge. But one comic in particular, Udon’s Street Fighter Legends, set FGC tongues wagging with the appearance of a badass brand new character.

In the Free Comic Book Day edition of Street Fighter Legends, Udon debuted Pietra, an entirely new addition to Capcom’s scrapper universe. This utterly stacked lumberjack — pumped to the nines and sporting a shock of lush black-and-white hair — finds themselves throwing down with SF‘s Blanka, undoubtedly a difference of opinion of the chopping down of his local woodland.

You can see Pietra in action in these images, scanned by Twitter user @wolfgangcarti

Over the course of the battle, Pietra holds their own against the Brazilian behemoth, dishing out meaty haymakers and even wielding a handy tree trunk in the thick of battle. Clearly, this newcomer is fearless to a fault. Blanka is no slouch, having been a roster veteran since the release of Street Fighter II, but Pietra clearly gives him a run for his money as the pair duke it out in the thick bracket.

Of course, the real point of interest here is the possibility that we might have seen a Street Fighter 6 stealth roster debut. It should be duly noted that Udon is responsible for Pietra’s design, and Capcom has not clarified that the woodsperson is headed to the next release in the legendary fighting franchise. Still, it has become commonplace to use Free Comic Book Day to tease upcoming video games, plotlines, and characters, and given some fans’ intrigue toward Pietra, their attendance might be most welcome.

Hell, maybe we’ve found someone who can finally wipe that smug grin off of Luke’s face.

Street Fighter 6 is currently in development at Capcom.

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