Strange Adventures in Infinite Space is finally free!

Download this, right now. Strange Adventures in Infinite Space used to be the most surprisingly expensive indie game on the PC market — $20, despite being almost a decade old — but now it’s free. Beautifully, wonderfully free.

But what, exactly, are you getting for your zero dollars? Arguably the coolest space exploration game ever, that’s what. Highly randomized and frantically paced, an average playthrough of SAIS lasts fifteen minutes or less, yet still manages to cram in all sorts of thrilling discoveries, fun (if incredibly streamlined) space combat,  and interesting strategic decisions into its seemingly meager playtime. I’ve previously gone into considerable detail about why the game kicks ass, but suffice to say it’s intensely replayable and really intuitive.

What Spelunky was for the roguelike, Strange Adventures In Infinite Space is for the space exploration game. And it’s frigging free, so just get it already.

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