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Pared down for great performance

If you've read my review for Logitech's G900 Chaos Spectrum mouse, you know I'm not the biggest tech head. I love testing and getting a feel for new gear, but the numbers side of thing is a bit lost on me (shame on me, I know!). So when I went down to Santa Monica for a tech presentation and Logitech threw a bunch of numbers at me, like "PMW3366 sensor" and "200-12,000 DPI," I calmly nodded and pretended I was supposed to be there. 

It's a good, then, that using the new Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse feels as impressive as all those numbers are probably supposed to be.

Product: Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse
Manufacturer: Logitech
Input: One USB 2.0+ Port
MSRP: $69.99

You know that scene in Pulp Fiction, where John Travolta is asking about a woman, wondering if she's the one with "all that shit in her face," talking about her piercings? I got that reaction a few times with the G900. I love that mouse to death, but there's a certain amount of bloat to it that can be scary for people who want something simple and to the point. That's who this new mouse is for.

Well, specifically, it's for pro gamers or folks who want to start moving in that direction. It's smooth and almost seems buttonless at first glance; the standard mouse-1 and mouse-2 buttons are present, as well as a firm scroll wheel that functions as mouse-3, and two more buttons on the side. This may already seem like a lot, but each button feels just low-profile enough to be invisible and out of your way. There's also a button just beneath the the mouse wheel to change your DPI on the fly, allowing you to shift your sensitivity. It all looks simple enough to be almost plain, but Logitech's RGB lighting and smooth black material makes it look classy instead.

There's absolutely no mouse smoothing or acceleration on this little guy, because it's all about controlling exactly how you want it to. Using the Logitech Gaming Software, you can customize it to whichever surface you want to use or add macros to each button, and the on-board memory will retain those choices even if you use it on another computer. Nifty. 

[The Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse failed the "swinging across the rafters in my backyard test." You probably shouldn't try it at home.]

When it comes to the actual testing, I'm far from a pro gamer (unless you count professionally writing about games as a pro gamer, but I don't have the chance to make $500K in one match...ha...ha). Instead, I tested it with twitchy games like Overwatch and Killing Floor 2. I noticed an immediate improvement in my aim, which I attribute to both this new mouse, and the fact that the G900 is a little weightier even though it's wireless and this one isn't. The Logitech G Pro Gaming mouse is 83 grams compared to the G900's 107 grams and feels like a little happy cloud in my hand.

If you're looking for something more simple and you want to gun for the pros, this seems like a good choice. I do miss the free-scrolling wheel of the G900 but completely understand that this isn't the place for it. I'd recommend this to anyone who's big into first-person shooters especially. Should help pwn those n00bs (what year is it oh my God).

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