Humble knocked it out of the park with this RPG bundle


I don't get Borderlands at the top though

It's Tuesday, so you know what that means: time to expand your backlog exponentially with a Humble Bundle purchase. Boy oh boy is that backlog going to expand massively as this week's bundle is filled to the brim with RPGs.

Here's the "pay what you want so long as it's over a dollar" tier:

Immortal Planet is the sophomore game from Ronin developer, teedoubleuGAMES. I got to play a bunch of the game in the beta and while I had my issues, one of my dearest friends said that it was a great little isometric Souls-like and I should shut my mouth. Deep Sky Derelicts looks like a great little turn-based RPG with card and roguelike elements thrown in with a dark science-fiction setting. This sounds right up my alley, and it was actually the impetus for me pulling the trigger on the bundle. Hiveswap: Act 1 is kinda the outlier here in that it's a game specifically made for fans of the comic and therefore probably won't have much appeal outside of said fanbase.

The pay-more-than-the-average tier is almost criminal with how good it is:

Cat Quest looks to be a cute little action-RPG set in a world of cats. This could be the big sleeper hit of the bundle. The other two RPGs in this tier are made by the master of the genre, Obsidian. Pillars of Eternity by Josh Sawyer has been pointed to as one of the best examples of the cRPG genre since its new renaissance. Tyranny is my personal favorite cRPG, though. The writing and setting fit so well in Obsidian's wheelhouse and the studio absolutely killed it with this game. The fact that this tier is currently going for around four bucks makes missing out on these two RPGs almost punishable by law.

The $15 tier is an odd one:

This one is unusual because just a few months ago, the Borderlands Handsome Collection was on sale for something to the tune of five bucks, so to see an enhanced version of an older game in the $15 tier is weird. Still, if you've been holding off and want the enhanced version of the looter shooter RPG made by gaming's greatest magician then now's the time to strike.

Humble RPG Bundle [Humble]

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