Here's what you need to reach Ginger Island in Stardew Valley


After completing the Community Center quest, you'll need to gather supplies for Willy before you sail to Ginger Island

Stardew Valley added a whole new island to explore with update 1.5, and it's surprisingly fleshed-out. There's a lot to it! If you're looking for a straight-to-the-point starter guide, here goes nothing. I'll cover what you need to unlock Willy's boat, how to fix it, and what you should prioritize on Ginger Island.

How do you open the back door in Willy's Fish Shop? Finish the Community Center and check your mailbox.

To reach the island, you'll need to complete the Community Center bundles (or the equivalent JojaMart questline), which means there's a ton of setup if you're starting a new save file for 1.5.

When you're done with your Community Center or Joja goal, Willy will mail you a letter saying he has unlocked the back room in the Fish Shop. Inside, you'll find a decades-old boat in need of repairs.

[Note: I'm not sure if there are any other requirements before Willy sends the letter, but I happened to have a save file with an almost-finished Community Center. Preparing the final bundles did the trick. On this particular file, I didn't catch every type of fish, so thankfully that's not a prerequisite for the boat.]

How do you fix the boat in Stardew Valley? Collect five Iridium Bars, five Battery Packs, and 200 pieces of Hardwood.

To repair Willy's boat, you'll need to bring a few bundles of mid-to-late-game items:

  • Five Iridium Bars to fix the anchor.
  • Five Battery Packs to fix the ticket machine.
  • 200 pieces of Hardwood to fix the hull.

It's a one-time expense, but if you aren't stocked up – I sure wasn't! – then the boat is quite a resource hog. I had to make a bunch of trips to the Secret Woods, though thankfully I had some battery reserves.

As a new player, it's never too early to start saving Refined Quartz and Bat Wings to create a bunch of Lightning Rods for rainy days. I tend to stockpile my batteries just so I never have to think about them.

As for those Iridium Bars, I've always found the grind to be pretty slow-going up until I got the Statue of Perfection, at which point I never had to go out of my way to get Iridium again. If that isn't an option yet, make sure you fight purple slimes in the desert's Skull Cavern. Slay every single slime you see. In the past, I was always too worried about what floor I was on rather than taking out all of the slimes.

Initially, you can only get to Ginger Island with Willy's boat, but you'll eventually be able to warp back and forth.

Once you repair Willy's boat, you'll be allowed in the Fish Shop at 8:00 a.m. every day and you can pay 1000g for a ticket to sail to Ginger Island much like how you can hitch a ride to the desert. But unlike our dear old bus driver Pam, you don't need to wait for Willy to show up to use the boat.

Before you take off with Willy, make sure you bring a watering can – you'll need it.

Your destination? Ginger Island. You'll see a cute little sailing cutscene.

Ginger Island was only a boat ride away from Pelican Town all along!

Without revealing too much about the area – you can check out the gallery for more spoiler-y screenshots there are several noteworthy finds, including a new NPC (Leo) and a Volcano Dungeon.

The first time I tried exploring the dungeon, I didn't bring a watering can, so I couldn't get far. When I came back, I almost immediately got wiped out by some of the new creatures. Curse you, Eric!

(Minor Ginger Island progress route spoilers to follow.)

If you get tired of the constant back-and-forth between Pelican Town and Ginger Island, keep in mind, that won't be an issue forever. Once you find enough hidden Golden Walnuts, you'll be able to spend them on island upgrades, one of which is a house (so you can stay the night) and a teleporter (so you can warp back to your original farm to run errands). There are 130 Golden Walnuts, all told, but you won't actually need them all to afford every island unlock. To this day, I'm missing exactly one.

Which parrots should you trade with first? You can't really go wrong – but I'd prioritize the parrot on the upper-left side of the first area. For 10 Golden Walnuts, the turtle roadblock will get out of your hair. After that, you can access Ginger Island's western farmland and spend 20 Golden Walnuts to build an island home. If you like the sound of teleporting, the Farm Obelisk costs another 20 Golden Walnuts.

Before anything else, you should use your Golden Walnuts to open up the western region of Ginger Island.

Don't be afraid to hug every wall to try and reach hidden areas all across the island. And smack the ground with your hoe whenever the terrain looks conspicuous. The Golden Walnuts are everywhere.

One last note: don't be discouraged by the Volcano Dungeon if you generally dislike combat in Stardew Valley. There are only 10 floors to get through, two of which (floor five and floor ten) have no enemies.

Having done almost everything there is to do on Ginger Island, it's one of my favorite parts of Stardew Valley, to the point where it's shocking it was added to the game in a free update. It's got a little bit of everything that makes Stardew special, and it feels like the culmination of years of tireless work.

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