Get eight hours of Unreal Engine training, pay what you want


10 courses in Unity, Unreal Engine, and more, all for a price you pick

There are plenty of totally legit excuses to not learn to code. Like “there will be other people in the class and I don't care for them,” and “But how will I buy cheeseburgers?” Well, no more excuses: I’ve got a deal in the Destructoid Store on a coding bundle where you can pick your price and you don't even have to leave bed. The best part? You'll be learning about your favorite thing. Video games! The 2017 Master Game Development Bundle is awaiting you.

Here’s how it works. You can pay below the average price and get two of the courses (the HTML5 Game Development in Construct 2 course and the Java Game Development course that teaches you how to make a Flappy Bird clone). Or you can beat the average price and get all 10 courses, valued at $1,110. You’ll get classes like:

Player vs. Player tvOS Games - a six-hour training in crafting games for Apple TV. You’ll master the physics of your game world, learn how to animate explosions, and more.

Learn 3D Game Development and Programming with Unity - a five-hour training in turning your game idea into reality using Unity 3D, the industry-standard game engine. Learn how to program game mechanics, create game logic, and design levels.

Unreal Engine 4: The Complete Beginner's Course - an eight-hour introduction to one of the leading 3D game design softwares on earth. You probably won't build Gears of War in this course, but you'll take the first step towards it!

No excuses — learn how to code and pay what you want for the 2017 Master Game Development Bundle.

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