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Work, relax or sleep with this effective audio experience

Keep muttering obscenities at that to-do list and Googling Nintendo Switch updates, just see how much you get done. Or you can get your distracted brain a little helper. No, not methamphetamines; Brain.fm! I’m obsessed with it, so I’ve finagled deals on one-year, three-year, and lifetime subscriptions over at the Destructoid Store.

Brain.fm knows that when you will yourself to focus and be productive you actually end up spending all day playing video games in your underwear. So they’ve used neurological research (like, by real neurologists) and artificial intelligence to curate the perfect background music for when you’re working, relaxing, or trying to sleep. (You read that right. You will relax better too, dammit.) It’s basically like having a neuroscientist and a composer living inside of your head, in a non-creepy way. Olympians use it to get in the zone, and their zones are way more loaded than yours.

On with the numbers: I’ve got one year of Brain.fm available for $19, three years for $29, and—the sweetest deal—a lifetime subscription for $39. It’s a no-brainer (GET IT?)—check out Brain.fm at the Destructoid Store.

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