Deals blog: Turn your smartphone into a VR headset for under $19


Works with Steam VR apps like Riftcat

Most virtual reality headsets don’t come cheap (and here’s Matt coming in with the understatement of the century!). But they’re intriguing enough to make us consider skipping dinner for a month just to afford them. So let me just say the Virtual Reality Box Headset is just $18.99.

No, I’m not hawking some subpar tech letdown to you. Under $19 for an excellent entry-level headset. This is not a drill!


The reason this VR Box Headset is so affordable? It utilizes your phone’s technology to give you that virtual reality experience. Just slot your phone into this pair of 3D glasses. And then slip the headset on to dive into any virtual reality apps on your mobile device. Done, and done. I’m also diggin’ the headset’s lens technology, which offers clear images for a truly immersive experience.

I’ll be real: you’re not getting a high-end VR headset like the Oculus Rift, which is much pricier for a reason. But if you’re in the market for a solid piece of virtual reality tech, then this headset will do the trick! And at a killer price point.

Virtual reality tech doesn’t necessarily come at an astronomical price: get the Virtual Reality Box Headset for just $18.99, marked down from the usual $29.99. You’ll get free US shipping included in your purchase.

If VR headsets aren't your thing, here are two other products in the store you might enjoy:

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