Deals blog: Still working out with wired headphones? How retro


Save 62% on these sweat-proof Bluetooth buds

If you've never caught your headphone wires and yanked them out of your ears while running or went into a psychotic rage while trying to untangle them, then you likely have already reached Nirvana. Congratulations. For the rest of us spiritual plebes, there are wireless headphones. I’ve got Center Link Media’s Bluetooth sport earbuds in the Destructoid Store for $18.99, a savings of 62%.

Wires are a serious pain in the ass when you’re working out and trying to pretend the treadmill isn’t the bane of your existence get in the zone. These sweat-proof buds ditch the wires without compromising sound quality. You’ll get high ambient noise reduction as you power through your workout playlist, with up to five hours of playtime before you need to recharge (that’s like five of your secret Jane Fonda workouts).

Sorry, now you’ve got no excuse to skip your next workout — grab these buds for $18.99 and free shipping.

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