Deals blog: Six game development courses under $10 each


120+ hours of video, mobile, and tvOS game design & dev training

You obviously love gaming just by virtue of the fact that you’re here. Wouldn’t it be cool to make gaming more than a lifestyle, though, and actually make it your life? You can do it, I believe in you, and to show you just how much I’ve finagled the Complete Game Design & Developer Bundle down to just $59 for today only at the Destructoid Store.

Yeah, there is a lot of money in game design and development, but more importantly, you’ll be making the games you wish existed.

Over these 6 courses, you’ll get hands-on training actually building games from scratch with SpriteKit, HTML5, Unity 3D, and much more. You’ll make simple art, configure logic for your games, master game layout, jazz them up with sound and text, create scoreboards, and so much more that goes into making great video, mobile, and tvOS games.

This one-day sale is… well, you get it, over in one day. Get the Complete Game Design & Developer Bundle for $59 at the Destructoid Store today only!

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