Deals blog: HOCO makes better Lightning headphones than Apple


No headphone jack, huh?

Whether or not you think it was a dick move for Apple to ditch the traditional headphone jack you’ve been using literally your entire life on every listening device you’ve ever owned, this isn’t the time for a walk down memory lane. It is the time to pick up the superior HOCO L1 Lightning Cable Headphones at a steal, though—the Destructoid Store’s got ‘em for $21.99.

Yeah yeah, you’ll tell your grandkids all about the headphone jacks of the good ol’ days, while they go comatose in their portable Matrix machines instead of listening to you, that’s great. But in the meantime, these Lightning headphones were a top 10 pick by Heavy, thanks to the solid, durable design and the Sony Hi-Rs Standard audio. Plus, you can control volume right on the headphones so you’re not constantly staring at the phone that betrayed you.

The Destructoid Store is even throwing in free shipping, so wipe your tears and grab ‘em in black or white for $21.99.

For those of us who prefer the standard headphone jack or can't afford an iPhone 7, here are two other headphone options:

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