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(Guardian Tales)-(Tank Balancing)



Hai this will be probably a whole page of text until we actually get into it but I need to brief you guys on what I’m doing it’s required just bare with me it’s not too long. I’ll only need to do this once until I make a complete version with links to all the parts when I’m finished and this will probably be moved there. I love this game I've beaten it for the time being their customer support is really good compared to most I never feel like I get a cookie cutter response from them they actually listen to what you're saying and respond very well they even have their own nicknames or are personal guardians of a certain hero.


This is the start of my balancing for Guardian Tales this will be much easier than Smash there’s only 6 things to worry about potentially Attack, Ability like a taunt, buff or heal, Chain Skill, Special, Party Buff and EX if they have one if not I will try and suggest one. I am a Rare Hero user so I think I'm qualified for something like this I know where most of them are lacking and what their supposed to be good at Uniques playstyles are pretty clear in their kit. I am only going up to (Arch Priestess Veronica) because that is the timeline I’m starting this on they will be releasing more heroes later on and don’t want to have to stop to do new ones how they fit in the meta and such takes time. Honestly I don’t care for the meta I’m just trying make everyone the best they can potentially be every hero should be a threat in some way that’s what makes them meta anyways right? I do not own every Hero yet (8 Uniques missing) so ones I do not have I can only fix by my experiences against in Arena, Coliseum or with them in Coop. For a few I will suggest if they do add it for max limit broken heroes an additional Special there’s not exactly a reward for going all in on a Hero other than a very strong awakening node. What I’m going to do is go by role type Tank, Support, Ranged and Warrior in that order. Ranged and Warrior I'll probably go back and forth with. There are few Tanks and Supports so I can fit them all in at once without needing to split them up much into parts I'll do 5 at a time for the other 2 roles. I will be giving everyone a nickname also sorta.

This is mostly going to be buffing Rares to be on par with Uniques who will usually be reworked I don't like to flat out nerf a Hero being honest unless their obviously over powered playing in another dimension. Try and close this gap basically which is only getting bigger this community is allergic to Rare Heroes like if it’s not like Akayuki, Elvira, Karina people need to apologize it’s that bad. Main storyline Heroes are becoming more and more obsolete. This is just my opinion and I think it’s pretty accurate of how the development team tries to balance things but their leaving Rare heroes in the dust currently and this community is all about Uniques now as a consequence. To advance your guardian level uniques are a requirement as well to build and cost so much more to build. I mean it makes sense but just because of that do they need this much of an edge? I will mention Marina a lot by the way she used to be a god and now is being reset but she’s sorta making a comeback now.

I understand if it’s a quantity issue since there’s so many Rares and they just released the game but every Unique Hero they release not named Alef has special traits to all of their moves even additional moves and chain skills give additional buffs or do absurdly high damage party buffs are stronger as well. They come packaged with their EX some are complete game changers for example if a Future Princess or Beth don’t have their EX they feel miserable with it their close to immortal and Specials they took a lot of time on in a Beth and Oghma’s case. It’s like the developers zero in on uniques and don’t touch rares at all except for party buffs which are all around except for an Eva for example her defense is turning into Light Attack slowly unless I missed something she had very little light attack now its above 20% and I use Eva a lot don’t think I’d miss that she’s been awakened pretty far for some time. I also have a problem with situational Specials like an Eva has everybody should have a special no matter the situation.

I see Uniques as an X factor with varying playstyles but can be hard countered while Rares are more straight forward and don’t have that hard of a counter if that makes any sense. In the case for an Akayuki for example her playstyle isn’t straight forward at all she plays like a unique hero and has an entire Heavenhold Tower stage that only she can clear I believe since she’s the only one that can pass through opponents with a normal attack. This game back when Marina reigned felt a lot more balanced than it is now.

I will let you know clearly if I play any favorites heroes I use all the time I might give too much to starting with Craig usually the ones with a max limit broken special is one. But will list my top 10 just in case. Akayuki, Girgas, Craig, Lupina, Aisha, Hekate, Plitvice, Loraine, Catherine, Aoba if I were to add an 11th it would be Amy, Eva, Gremory tied. So far for tanks the only one to worry about is probably Craig from my perspective he got kind of a complete rework. Alright let’s begin.



<(Guardian Tales Tanks)> They should defend their team better and not break the meta for so long as party leads. If it’s not Marina it’s Oghma and Marina at one point there was teams of 3 tanks now it’s literally just Future Princess. The meta has always been ruled by tank leads at least Tinia and Bari could be killed but the way Bari’s defensive stats have scaled by level she’s pretty much a tank as well. This goes for Arena too it’s like all these heroes just went missing or something. Legit teams you cannot find the meta has never been this bad it’s the same teams over and over again. Unique tanks are doing so much damage it’s not even funny. The only odd tanks are Marina and Lavi they do not defend the team at all only taunting one opponent but are the last ones standing your tank is supposed to keep the team alive as long as possible before that barrier is broken if they hold on long enough you can outlast enemies. They are supposed to defend not be a brick wall and do more damage you can't have them both. I will get to this later but it’s usually 1 tank 3 ranged in coliseum ranged attackers hit too hard melee teams are at a big disadvantage since the very beginning by the time they take out your tank(s) your alimented and chained game over usually.


Tank Perk: Tanks should have some ailment reduction like Bosses do decrease all tanks but Craig cause his DPS doesn’t exist attack by 25% but allow their attack finishers to interrupt enemy attacks knocking them back. All taunts should interrupt enemy attacks if not a skill and sorta stun them briefly like in PvE for half a second can be performed on enemy heroes like in Arena. This perk should help them out defensively maybe skill attack buffs will be more useful against them.

Tank AI: Should aid allies in trouble and step in front if they can of skills to prevent the team from getting ailmented and damaged. They should use their taunt to drag opponents away from their team and attract skills if your Support if you have one gets damaged they become higher priority. This should make them better guardians.



(Craig)-(Justice for Craig) My Pride. He is not “Immortal’ he needs everything tweaked to keep up he is still the best rare tank though in PvE his special is literally a cheat code. And I have a serious problem with his image Craig is not Halbal take off the armor or at least his helmet I’m awaiting that future Craig costume eagerly. Craig is one of my top 3 heroes in the game he’s very humble and a team player till the end he will literally give his life for the team and is surprised he’s alive at the end of battles he’s very brave and has a lot of heart. He should be hard to hurt and if you do it should hurt you a little bit as well.




I believe if he just gets some actual self healing and better reflection it will solve all his problems. He can keep his special up longer because it does get him drilled defending his teammates with it and if you attack him within range it’s going to hurt you more than him probably. The weaker you are offensively the weaker he will be too he’s like a DPS regulator he should live up to his weapons name now he is the only tank with the potential to reach 700k+ toughness to me. If you want an actual area reflect that can do damage Oghma exist and Craig is just not that guy. I just hope I didn’t go too far if you look at Oghma and Future Princess I don’t believe so?


Normal Attack: Instead of his rapid stab finisher I would have him use a shield bash in like a cone shape in front of him knocking opponents back interrupting attacks. Think about how Ranpang’s weapon final attack looks like but has half the range.

Taunt: Unlike all uniques his taunt gives him or allies no benefits. Every time he taunts he heals 5% his max HP.

Chain Skill: I personally hate chain skills that do no damage but this is Craig so it’s okay but it isn’t effective enough Marina already has shields off chain which would be better than a 5 second 50% defense increase even though the enemies are alimented so it kinda doesn’t even matter honestly think about it, it’s very sad unless he’s last to chain they only have 2 seconds of boosted defense. He’s not going to do damage per se it’s the damage you do to his team.

To fix I would allow him to heal himself for 25% his max HP give himself and teammates a barrier for 5 seconds that makes them immune to all damage a free Special basically and additionally the barrier reflects 10% of damage taken to the enemy for 10 seconds 5 seconds after their damage immunity goes away. This sounds like it should be perfect for him.

Party Buff: Change from Defense to 40% HP why would you not give the guy with one of the highest HP in the game an HP buff? This will help him take more damage and keep his special up even longer his teammates are usually going to be squishy with low defense it just doesn’t make much sense paired with his Special which is HP based.

Special: His Special is fantastic do not mess with it this is a potentially max limit broken special.


Max Limit Broken Special. Last one standing: The less teammates he has or is alive on the map his Defense increases by 15% stacks up to 3 times so maybe he stands a chance in Arena more he’s immortal right?


EX Weapon (Immortal): Why this isn’t a flail or mace I do not know but anyways… This does not heal himself for enough comparing to a Future Princess’ (Liberator) party heal or even Plitvice’s (Pridwen) self heal this may only heal like 12k hp per coliseum match. I don’t understand the criteria either is it his own defense or the defense of the attacker? If it’s the attacker only if he’s against another tank will it heal much at all. My Craigs defense is 1k but still heals so little. The skill itself doesn’t even use a sword it’s a large yellow shield what’s going on here? Instead of healing based off Defense from melee attacks how about this.

When max limit broken should increase HP by 10% why is it attack he’s not going to hurt anyone. For 2 seconds 10% of the damage taken is reflected to all enemies within 3 tiles of him and he heals for 2% his max HP has no cool down if he takes no damage then I guess you can say that’s the cool down. When finishing his Normal Attack combination his shield bash has twice the range, knocks opponents back further and deals 20% of the opponents DPS to them so the weaker or stronger you are the harder he will hit against PvE enemies damage is based on level. When taunting he now has 1 second of invincibility. The skill now deals 50% damage based on the DPS of the attacker(s) hit and deals bonus damage of how much damage he has taken within the last 5 seconds. This should do the trick.



(Marina)-(Anime girl with a huge sword) Marina has many names somebody gotta deal with her voice though seriously look at her you would not expect a voice like this to come out of that face. I’m not sure why she’s even a Tank honestly only one other than Lavi that has no shield but is even worse because her sword is 1 handed it has no defense either it’s honestly probably only because of her anchor. I honestly would like to see how a conversation between her and Craig would go they are both humble but she is a General and he is very low in rankings in dungeon kingdom at the time. I appreciate Marina a lot more now back when she was queen whenever I see a marina lead in coliseum from time to time I respect it so no she will not be nerfed.




Marina can literally solo every fire team by herself her offense is pretty insane and that HP buff is a lot to deal with then she has a shield buff off chain she is almost immortal even not as party lead she’s the last to die still in coliseum because she doesn’t defend the team like a true tank. She was the meta/noob stomper before Future Princess came on the scene EX skill is very hard to avoid. Not sure why people think water teams are weak offensively other than Marina think about Bianca, White Beast and Garam they do a high amount of damage. Only Plitvice and Vishuvac can actually stand against her honestly fire wise maybe if Akayuki can do enough damage she can pull it off.


Taunt: Anchor should now pull a single Hero towards her too instead of just taunting them and dealing damage but should not go through walls anymore. No matter where you are if you are within her line of sight she will reel you in forcing a close quarters fight.



(Future Princess)-(Angel of Death) Everyone wondering what happened to Marina? This is the answer insane party heals stupid dumb in PvE and a 1 hit chain skill instant advantage in coliseum you literally cannot move as soon as you can she hits you with it again if it was slow like Dolf’s I would understand but his does massive damage get hit that’s actually Ggs. Teams with near 500k toughness and very mediocre DPS can go far just cause they have a Princess paired with a Nari and or Bari. You must kill her before she can throw this on you or the game might be over. She can equip 3 items with skill regen and her special has regen built in she can legit halve the time herself but can have teammates with regen as well via party buff. Everybody has a pocket maxed Princess like they did with Marina in fact a lot reset their Marinas for Princess, but Marina can’t hold a candle to this monster.



The way she works and attacks plus her staff looks like a Scythe is screaming she’s the grim reaper of light. I personally hate this character she does everything better than everybody like no weaknesses at all. Out heals, tanks, damage is both melee and ranged having a basic like Lahn isn’t going to save you only Nari can actually have a chance at defeating her since she’s ranged and hits like a truck. I’m messing with a lot of her kit and her dual mode is kinda useless without a shield needs to be buffed.



Normal Attack: Should not be melee and ranged why wouldn’t you use a shield exactly? With a shield remove the ranged attack without a shield increase the damage dealt by 30% and cannot taunt since she’s not much of a tank in that mode taunting would not be beneficial she keeps her distance with AI.

Special: Should have a 10% chance to trigger not on hit at a 100% rate right now basically if she hits you she automatically gets a speed boost on everything infinitely.

EX Weapon (Liberator): Should only heal 2% hp to everyone at 30% rate like her EX says not on individual attacks but only her melee strikes can heal. When ranged her attack blast radius is increased by 50%. Weapon skill time should be 15 to 17 seconds since it one shots Increase time/lower tick ailment so in Arena you can get out of it before it does. Sadly AI in Coliseum don’t avoid skills so to combat that should only ailment one opponent so the rest can at least move prioritize the team leader if their up front that is. Imagine if it took 2 skills to ailment like everyone else should fix it easily it has about the same regen time as a Coco EX Skill and looks similar.

Hopefully this fixes things I know she’s the princess but this is way too far.



(Lavi)-(The Underdog)> If you ask me she’s in a good spot just has no EX yet and her normal attack is like many 1 handed sword fighters lacks aim assist/target lock capabilities it’s like she’s Lahn but is a pusher but she doesn’t exactly lunge she’s the fire Marina but instead of pulling targets towards her she chases them down she’s a boxer right think of her putting you against the ropes she’s a 1v1 type tank should be the hardest hitting tank by her play style. I’m going to improve her strengths offensively her Special is very good it has twice the chance to trigger like Plitvice’s but doesn’t ignore attacks halves the damage it’s pretty perfect for her honestly.




EX Weapon should do 30% additional damage to Downed enemies and her final attack has extra knockback doing 30% DPS damage. Skill should probably be a lunging straight jab knocks foes back enemies that collide with a wall or teammates deals additional damage and taunts additional enemies. Targeting should look like Craig’s but much faster.

Normal Attack: She should lunge much further and final attack knocks a single target back can interrupt attacks.

Taunt: Cool down should be 3 seconds and on taunt defense increases by 50% for 1 second for her to get in range without getting drilled.

Chain Skill: Should increase her own attack by 30% for 5 seconds.

Party Buff: Change to 50% Melee Attack makes a lot of sense she will be very threatening now a real force on melee teams with this.



(Oghma)-(The Forgotten) I really like Oghma there’s not anything to change honestly he’s the best DPS tank that isn’t named Marina and he reflects way more than Craig it’s not even funny but not over powered. His EX skill is my only problem with him it's both good and bad.



EX Weapon (Eckesachs): Weapon Skill should look like Aishas but obviously is a ray instead of a pin point laser beam should follow you around like hers does instead of within range you actually can’t avoid it and instead of 3 burst deals continuous ailment damage at a high rate.



(Ranpang)-(Crouching Tiger Hidden Barney) Ranpang is like a little kid playing Fortnite that's all I'm going to say about her personality she is amazed at almost everything so innocent. Nothing is wrong with Ranpang, Ranpang used to be the best tank honestly don’t know what happened she is the mascot literally of Guardian Tales another 21 year old err young hero. If you need a solid tank to go in and do the job offensively and defensively this is the pick. For party lead purposes her EX weapon skill needs to ailment on 2 hits and chain needs to do more than just damage. Other than weapon skill ailment on 2 hits maybe provide defense on chain skill or something for a buff?




Taunt: Dragon Roar decreases enemies attack by 20% for 3 seconds by witnessing somebody wearing a fluffy dragon costume.

Chain Skill: Should decrease defense by 30% for 5 seconds.

EX Weapon (Firm Determination): Why is it called this though? She is the least determined person in this game other than Aoba. Anyways should ailment in 2 hits instead of 3 and increase cool down by 1 second. Max limit broken 10% Defense might be better.


<(The End)> Leave any feedback good or bad it’s still feedback for me, the developers and the greater good of Guardian Tales! Thanks for reading and upvote so this can potentially be seen more.


- Black Mage for Smash! https://smashboards.com/threads/black-mage-for-smash.506369/#post-24080523

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