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Genshin Impact 1.1 Update: Epic New Stuff


Genshin Impact

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here… It’s Genshin Impact 1.1 Update time! I thought it would be a great idea to discover all the new thingies and write about it simultaneously, so here we are. I’m expecting great things, miHoYo!

Archives and Characters Archives

Genshin Impact Archives

The first thing I noticed was that I didn’t notice anything new right away. But then I opened the main menu, and I saw these fancy new tabs called ‘Archive’ and ‘Character Archive’. Why the Character Archive isn’t just part of the Archive is beyond me, but I’m sure miHoYo has its reasons.

The Archive turns out to be the feature I didn’t know I wanted. It keeps track of all the materials, items, foods etc. you have collected, and shows which ones you still need to discover. Pretty handy! It really makes collecting stuff in Genshin Impact more fun, and unfortunately for those with jobs; more addictive. The Archive is especially useful for collecting Artifact sets though, as keeping track of them can be quite burdensome.

The Character Archive, on the other hand, is miHoYo’s way of reminding me that I should give them money, lots of money. It shows all the characters I have, and all the ones I still need to get. Thanks, miHoYo.

The Curse of the Barbara’s

But don’t worry, I’m not salty. After all, I recently got Xiangling (who I already had) from the Spiral Abyss, and I will get the chance to claim Fischl (who I also already have) during the upcoming Unreconciled Stars event. On top of that, the 1.1 Update gives away a free Barbara (WHO I ALREADY HAVE) for the second time! Thanks, miHoYo. I guess.

The best 1.1 Update rewards I got, though, were the two apology emails about update maintenance + issues from miHoYo. Two times 300 Primogems. That gives me a good chance to win another Barbara!

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Where’s the Reputation System?

Genshin Impact Reputation

That would be a very valid question, because you need mad detective skills to find out. Here’s the answer: go to Mondstadt and speak to Hertha. You can find her by entering through the gate right of the main city gate, or by entering Mondstadt and continuing to your right until you see her. She is standing next to a notice board.

Hertha will update you on your current reputation in Mondstadt, give you bounties to collect and people to help out. Doing stuff like gathering Dandelion seeds for the blind girl who wants to speak to her boyfriend *again* is apparently your way to eternal glory. It’s also a nice way to gather rewards quickly.

If you want to be the hero of Liyue, go to Liyue Harbor and find Ms. Yu. From the southernmost Teleport Waypoint, walk past the Adventurer’s Guild towards the water. Then go to your left, and then to your left again. If that gets too complicated, just look at the mini-map. A triangular shape should have popped up by now; go there.

I am a Sh*t Explorer (Apparently)

Genshin Impact Exploration

Unfortunately, the new Reputation system includes an exploration count. I say ‘unfortunately’ because it confronts me with the fact that I haven’t explored that much. I was somewhat surprised at first, because I’ve seen pretty much every corner of Teyvat by now.

But then I got it; how many times have I seen a challenge, and looked the other way? How many times have I found a monster den, and didn’t bother? Not to mention all the chests that I didn’t open and all the Seelie’s that I didn’t help, just because I didn’t feel like it.

In other words, my low exploration score is completely deserved and I should be ashamed of myself. Thanks to the 1.1 update for exposing me.

I Got Diona, the New Furry

Genshin Impact Diona

I also decided to check out the new Characters, and what do you know: pulled Diona on the second try! So now I have a furry loli character on my team, which I do feel a little awkward about. But I can use her shield and Cryo, so she's not getting benched any time soon.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the first major Genshin Impact update gives us something to do when we’re out of Original Resin. I’m especially happy with the Archives, and looking forward to exploring the new Story Quest. The Unreconciled Stars Event is something to look forward to as well; I can definitely use another Fischl to upgrade my Constellation.

So those were my first impressions, now go enjoy Genshin Impact 1.1! (Or find my blog www.councilofthelost.com to read more)

- I haven't seen the sun in three years

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