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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities - Outtakes #14


Featuring Chrono Cross and several.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

another round of Chrono Cross related outtakes with stuff that wasn't good enough for a full entry.

First we have the song "Magical Dreamers - The Wind, the Stars and the Sea" which includes a central motif that is also used in several other songs of the soundtrack (the Etudes, Marbule related songs etc.):

I can offer two samples that have a vagues similarity to this one. The first is by english Hard Rock supergroup "Bad Company" from their song "100 Miles" from 1990 which rhymes with the hard rock them of its central character Nikki:

The second one the song "The Flow" (1988) by UK new wave band "The Fixx":

Next we have a sequence from Homeworld Guldove theme:

I found a sequence in Frank Fereras "Beautiful Hawaii" from 1920 that has a similar curvature to this:

I wonder if the song has been inspired by traditional hawaiian music? It would rhyme with the general south seas theme of the soundtrack.

Finally we have the Chrono Cross battle theme which opens with a chaotic violinesque sequence:

which has some similarity to one by Larry Fast from 1976 and his song "Cybersports":

And so with the outtakes the Chrono Cross section of Mitsuda season finally ends. I might do another Chrono related submission next week before we finally get to the next part but I have yet to decide.

Phil out.

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